Vellutata con Cinnamon

Cream of vegetables with cinnamon



500g carrots, 250g potatoes, 6 shallots, 4 tablespoons Cinnamon oil, 20 g butter, 4 bay leaves, 3 sprigs of thyme, 1 teaspoon brown sugar, salt, pepper and chives to taste.



Wash, peel and cube the carrots, potatoes and four shallots. Put the chopped vegetables into a saucepan with a liter of water. Prepare and add a herb bag with thyme and bay leaves, simmer for 30 minutes. When the vegetables are ready remove the herb bag and blend to get a velvety texture. Season with salt, pepper and drizzle in 4 tablespoons Cinnamon oil.
In a separate pan add the other two shallots, finely chopped with 20 g butter, when the onions are translucent but not burnt, add the sugar and caramelise. Serve the cream of vegetables, garnished with caramelised shallots and chopped chives.

Recipe of Massimo Cairati