trota salmonata in crosta

Salmon trout fillet in a crust with RosaOliva


Ingredients for four:


2 or 4 fillets of salmon trout weighing about 42,5 oz altogether, 5,3 oz organic (untreated) rose petals, 70,55 oz large grained sea salt, RosaOliva oil, pink Himalayan salt

Use a blender to prepare the “crust” with the large grained salt and the rose petals crushing them together until the mixture has been ground down to a fine texture, this will be the crust for the fish. Take a baking tray or some oven paper and place the fillets on top, cover them with the salt mixture, if this does not seem damp enough to cover the fish properly and stay compact then spray some water on to it. Bake the fillets at 200° in a preheated oven: 10/12 minutes for four fillets; 15 minutes if there are only two fillets, and 20 minutes if you have a single 1200 g fillet.

Remove from the oven and rest for a couple of minutes, take the crust off carefully and put on warm plates, drizzle rose oil and if necessary add a little freshly milled Himalayan pink salt.

Recipe by Massimo Cairati