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    Selected estate olives are milled together with the rind of organic lemons to recreate a time-honoured Colonna family recipe.

    Suitable for fish, as a marinade for shell fish, raw and smoked fish as well as a dressing for cured and dried meats. It is also excellent as a dip, on steamed vegetables and on pasta. This oil can also be used in the preparation of dishes with white meat and baked fish. Granverde is also recommended when baking.


    • Anfora bottles: 250 ml

    • Square bottle: 55ml and 500 ml

    • Other formats available on request


    Salad with pomegranate, pears, Grana cheese and Granverde oil

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    Pantesca style spaghetti with Granverde oil

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    Granverde Cake with Poppy Seeds

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