purè di face con cicoria

Broad bean purée with chicory and toasted bread




450 g (1 lb) broad beans, water, salt, 1 glass extra virgin olive oil, a few slices of Italian durum wheat bread if available, 2 cloves garlic, 500 g (just over 1 lb) fresh chicory


Leave the broad beans in cold water for at least 12 hours, rinse them and cook them in a high sided pan in cold water that should just cover the beans. Remove the foam that forms on the water as it boils.

Cook on a low heat for at least 1.5 hrs mixing frequently until a purée starts forming, which can be improved by blending. Add salt and oil and mix vigorously for a few minutes.

Wash and chop the chicory into pieces. Wilt the chicory in a pan with oil and garlic. Cut the bread into cubes and fry lightly in a little oil.


Recipe by Claudia Carone