Stuffed artichokes with Granverde oil


Ingredients for two:


2 artichokes, 1 egg, 0,7 oz cheese, fine breadcrumbs, parmesan, salt, white pepper, 1,86 fl.oz. Granverde oil, chopped mint.


Remove the hard external leaves from the artichokes and put them in water mixed with lemon juice. Cut the stems into small pieces. Open the heads of the artichokes slightly and fill the inside with a mixture made of: 1 egg, the cheese cut into small pieces, parmesan, salt, white pepper and a little Granverde, add a small amount of breadcrumbs and mix.

Put the stuffed artichokes in a pan making sure that they are tightly packed, add the chopped stems and the rest of the Granverde, add some water covering them up to 2/3 of their height. Add salt and cover, cook for about 1½ hours leaving the cover half-on for the last 40 minutes to let the water evaporate. During the cooking, from time to time pour a little of the liquid on the artichokes. Serve with the cooking liquid and add chooped mint.


Recipe by Claudia Di Nardo