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Summer Fettuccine with Granverde oil


Ingredients for 4


320 g (about 11,30 oz) fettuccine pasta, 100 g (about 3,5 oz) of sliced button or champignon mushrooms, 50 g (about 1,75 oz)  fresh spinach hearts, 4 cut and sliced artichoke hearts, 40 g (about 1,4 oz) of chopped rocket, 80 g (about 2,8 oz) of flaked Parmesan cheese, one finely chopped shallot, 1/2 glass of Granverde oil, salt and freshly ground black pepper


While the pasta is cooking, prepare the salad with all the ingredients. Combine them with the well-drained pasta and mix thoroughly.


Recipe by Oretta de Vita