Cake with Bergamia Oil

Ingredients for 8:
300 g/10.6 oz sugar,
4 eggs,
200 m/6.7 oz Bergamia oil,
200 ml/6.7 oz milk,
470 g/16.6 oz self raising flour,
1 little glass Rum,
the peel of one lemon cut into very fine strips.

Beat the sugar with the four egg yolks with an electric whisk and while still mixing, add the oil, milk and the flour little at a time. Add the liqueur and the whisked egg whites. Pour into a greased, lined cake tin and bake for about 45 minutes in a preheated oven (175° C). When the cake is cold sprinkle over the lemon julienne.

Olio EVO Bergamia Anfora da 250ml

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