Chocolate truffles with Peperoncino oil

100 gr/3.52 oz dark chocolate,
250 gr/8.8 oz sponge cake,
40 gr/1.4 oz butter,
50 gr/1.7 oz cocoa powder,
100 gr/3.52 oz chopped hazelnuts,
2 tbsps  Peperoncino oil,
40 gr/1.4 oz icing sugar.

Whisk together the sponge cake with the butter, the bitter cocoa, the icing sugar and the hazelnuts to obtain a homogeneous and malleable mixture. Form small balls and place them on parchment paper in a baking dish.
Melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie so as not to lose its gloss. Once melted, add a generous tablespoon of Peperoncino oil and mix well.
Wrap the balls previously created in dark chocolate. Allow the resulting truffles to cool and place them in small baking cups.

Olio EVO Peperoncino Anfora 250ml

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