Grilled zucchini with buffalo mozzarella, pumpkin seeds,  mint leaves and Arancio oil

Ingredients for 2:
3 round zucchini,
2 buffalo’s mozzarella,
2 handfuls of organic skinned pumpkin seeds,
Arancio oil,
4 fresh mint leaves and 2 tips for decoration, salt.

Wash and rinse the zucchini, cut them into very thin slices. Grill for a few minutes then turn and grill the other side. In the meantime toast the pumpkin seeds in a preheated pan until they start to crackle. Remove from the heat. Place the zucchini slices on a dish, season with Arancio oil, salt and the finely chopped mint leaves. Add the mozzarella cut into slices.

Recipe by Monica Caldara.

Olio EVO Arancio Anfora da 250ml

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