Pork fillet with champignon mushrooms and Tartufo oil

Ingredients for four:
1400 gr/ 49 oz pork tenderloin,
400 gr/ 14.1 oz fresh champignon mushrooms,
White wine,
Tartufo oil.

Grease the pork fillets with Tartufo oil and leave to flavor in a cool place for half hour. Wash the mushrooms, dab and cut them into rather thin slices
Place the truffles in a pan with high edges together with a drop of Tartufo oil and cook for 5 minutes. Simmer with a splash of white wine, salt lightly and allow the wine to evaporate for at least 5 minutes. Move the mushrooms on one side of the pan and place the fillets, allowing to cook over high heat for a couple of minutes, then turn.

Serve, season with salt and drizzle a little Tartufo oil.

Olio EVO Tartufo Anfora 250ml

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