Semi-wholemeal crumble with brie cheese, prunes and Rose of Mary Oil

Ingredients for 4/6 persons:
200 g/ 7,054 oz  0 type flour, 1 egg,
30 g/ 1,058 oz “Rose of Mary” oil,
5 g/ 0,17 salt, 3 dried prunes,
80-100 g /2,82-3,527 oz brie cheese.

Soak the plums in water for at least half hour.
Prepare the pastry by pouring flour, egg, salt and oil in a bowl and work it first with the fork and then with your hands until you get a very crumbled mixture. Pour half into a baking pan greased with Rose of Mary oil, cover with slices of brie and pieces of plum and pour the remaining mixture.
Bake in the lower part of the oven for 40 minutes at 170 °, then move the pan to the highest level of the oven, grill for about 5 minutes and brown slightly the surface.

Serve warm.

Olio EVO Rose of Mary Anfora 250ml

For this dish: