Tasty Salad with Classic Oil

Ingredients for 6:
17,65 oz pieces of different kinds of meat (beef and chicken, according to preference),
3 tomatoes,
1 lettuce,
3,5 oz sweetcorn,
1 lemon,
extra virgin olive oil,
½ litre stock,
salt and pepper.

Boil the meat simply by putting it in a pressure cooker with the stock just covering it. Cook for one hour, leave the meat to cool and then fillet and cut into pieces. Wash the vegetables, cut and mix into meat, add the sweetcorn, a little oil and the juice of one lemon. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve.

Recipe by Rosalba Cucé.    lesempliciricettedinonnapapera.blogspot.it

Olio EVO Classic Anfora 250ml

For this dish: